Super camp

Week-long and single day STEM camps geared towards teaching children in-demand technical skills in an accelerated and fun way.

Offered during

Summer and Holiday breaks
Cape Guy

Camps designed to learn tech skills

Our superhero camps are the perfect combination of STEM learning and fun. Each camp is tailored to your child’s needs and grouped for your child’s age and grade.

We feature many engaging programs to nurture your K-8 child’s love for technology. Mighty Coders is open most days your child’s school is on recess, including teacher planning days. Single day camps are available with half-day (morning or afternoon) and full-day options. Week-long camps are available over Holiday Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break.

Who says you can’t learn while you play?

Cutting-edge, uplifting programs

  • Gain Real Results

    Skill-Building Opportunities

    Programming involves teamwork, task ownership, and learning to efficiently solve complex problems

  • Tackle the Future

    In-Demand Technologies

    We teach the programming languages powering smartphones, robotics, virtual reality, video games, and more

  • Have Fun

    Educational and Fun

    Mighty Coders instructors have created an envrionment that provides substantial learning in an engaging way