What is Mighty Coders?

Mighty Coders is the go-to after school coding academy for children. We teach in-demand technical skills of today to get your child on the path to a brighter future!

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At Mighty Coders, we believe coding is a foundational skill in the 21st century, very similar to reading and writing. Starting a technical education early is a recipe for success, giving your child an academic edge for the future. We provide a great curriculum, tools, mentorship, and other resources based around computer science and other STEM subjects for a high-quality experience. Everyone should have the opportunity to learn coding because it’s an incredible skill that provides unlimited creative potential to students. Making computer science education fun and accessible is why we’re here. Great tools, along with a supportive, dedicated staff is an important part of that in which Mighty Coders provides. Thanks for taking the time to visit us!

What we are about is not just to teach kids how to code. We believe that kids with passion for technology can really make a significant impact in the future to make a world a better place.

Dmitry Litvinov, CEO



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