Fun & timely after-school coding sessions that teach students the fundamentals of software development.

Tue – Thu: 3pm–7pm
Sat: 11am-2pm

Fun & flexible
coding sessions

Learning to code can be difficult, but so is learning karate, gymnastics, or playing piano. Consistent practice, week after week, is how you become a great developer.
Our programs build upon main principles of game & web design and programming reinforced with hands-on practice of newly learned skills. Our expert Code Mentors are always there to support our superheroes. Students enjoy building fun projects and advancing from Recruit to Superhero within the Forces of Mighty Coders.
Super flexible schedule allows parents to drop off their kids at any time during business hours without worry of ever being late.

An effective
and thoughtful curriculum

  • Gain Real Results

    Skill-Building Opportunities

    Programming involves teamwork, task ownership, and learning to efficiently solve complex problems

  • Tackle the Future

    In-Demand Technologies

    We teach the programming languages powering smartphones, robotics, virtual reality, video games, and more

  • Have Fun

    Thorough and Enjoyable

    Mighty Coders mentors have created an environment that provides effective learning in a very engaging way

Progress through the hero ranks

The Way of a Hero is an extensive and rewarding journey ahead. Students earn new ranks as they progress forward in the curriculum.

And even that’s not all!

Superhero League and Superhero Universe levels are available for those who achieve all 8 ranks. Advanced topics of Programming in Java and Python such as object oriented programming, data structures and algorithms taught in classroom style to get them ready for High School and beyond!

Flying Boy